“Working Together to make a Difference”

Supporting Missouri’s Farm Families & Rural Communities

Patchwork Family Farms is a project of the Missouri Rural Crisis Center and is a cooperative marketing effort made up of independent Missouri family hog farmers who want to bring their family farm-raised pork products to you.

Patchwork Family Farms purchases hogs directly from local, independent family farmers. Our goal is to grow our cooperative livestock production and marketing model in order to support independent producers, boost rural economies, protect our natural resources and create long-term, sustainable jobs for rural Missourians.

By purchasing Patchwork Family Farm pork products, you are directly supporting independent agriculture, rural economies and Missouri farm families.

Growing Standards
Where to Buy
Missouri Rural Crisis Center

You can purchase all cuts of Patchwork Family Farms pork at our office at
1906 Monroe Street
Columbia, MO 65201

*Please contact us at Patchwork Family Farms by emailing us at patchwork@morural.org or calling us at (573) 443-1568

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